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Capital Region Living Magazine, Best of 2015
Best Men’s Barber

Tiffany’s Barber Shop

Tiffany's is a repeat winner in Best Men's Barber, with our readers giving credit to consistent friendly and personalized care for the range of barbering services.

Capital Region Living Magazine, Best of 2014
Best Men’s Barber

Tiffany’s Barber Shop

They certainly know how to make a man feel his best at Tiffany’s. With every haircut, enjoy a hot towel neck shave; now there’s a slice of heaven! And when you just need “the edges” groomed, you won’t pay full price. Want your beard professionally trimmed, just like celebrities are wearing now? Tiffany’s can do that, too! These are just a few of the many reasons men love stopping by… and bringing their sons to carry on the tradition!

Capital Region Living Magazine, Best of 2013
Best Men’s Barber

Tiffany’s Barber Shop

Tiffany's Barber Shop, which opened in Glenmont's Price Chopper Plaza in 2009, specializes in traditional barbering services for men and boys, including customized haircuts, military fades and straight-razor face shaves. They even offer eyebrow waxing and grey coverage. In a few short years, Tiffany's has fast became known for consistent, friendly service and has established a devoted clientele. A two-time, first-place winner, Tiffany's refuses to rest on its laurels and has plans to expand the business's services. They also offer special discounts for seniors, active military and veterans.

CRL Best Of 2012Capital Region Living Magazine, Best of 2012
Best Men’s Barber

Tiffany’s Barber Shop

Tiffany Westervelt, owner of Tiffany’s Barber Shop in Glenmont, always knew she would own her own business and since 2009, she has done just that. Specializing in traditional barbering services that include customized haircuts and straight razor face shaves, Tiffany’s promises to provide consistent, friendly service each and every time a client comes in. She guarantees you’ll know the difference between an average haircut and a great haircut by the time you leave!


Our Towne LogoOUR TOWNE Magazine, September 2010

Growing up as an only child, I have always been independent. I always knew that I would own a business however, it just happened a little sooner in life than I would have ever expected.

When I started high school, the guidance counselor met with me and asked what I planned to do after graduation. I told her that I wanted to go to Cosmetology school. My counselor encouraged me to go to college and find something that I would be interested in majoring in. I knew that was not what I wanted to do. Finally, she introduced me to Albany Votec, a place that offered a Cosmetology program. She said that I could sign up for it at the end of my Sophomore year so that is exactly what I did! The program ran through my junior year, the following summer and my entire senior year of high school; a total of 1,000 hours. I loved the haircutting part of the program, but wasn’t fond of the perming, coloring, highlighting, and pretty much everything else the program offered. I got so bored while waiting for the color to process, and waiting for the perm to set. This was not what I was expected it to be.

While attending Cosmetology school, I was also answering phones at a local barber shop. As I graduated from high school and Cosmetology school in June 2006, I signed up for the Barber program at Austin School of Spa Technology. I started in August and it was everything that I expected it to be. I loved it so much that I didn’t miss one day of the 600 hour program. It gave me all the training and experience that I would ever need to become a Master Barber. I graduated from Barber School in early April of 2007. The next week, I started to cut hair in the same barber shop in which I was answering phones. I was worked full-time and quickly built my clientele. Eventually, I started looking around the Glenmont area for a possible barber shop locations of my own. After looking at a few different options and each of them having their reasons why it wouldn’t work, I became discouraged and stopped looking for a few months. Then when I least expected it, I found a location to start my business adventure.

Even as a sole proprietor, I am well aware that I could not have done this by myself. I was fortunate enough to have the tremendous help and encouragement of my family and friends. Tucker worked endlessly remodeling the interior to suit the needs of a barber shop; putting in flooring, stations, and lights after ripping down walls and removing carpeting. My parents did their part as well with my mom (also a licensed barber) being the interior designer on the job choosing curtains, paint, pictures, and decorations with me. My close friends stood by me every step of the way too, offering whatever support they could. The best part has been my wonderful clientele. They supported me throughout the relocation process and building of my business. Clients like Keith Bennett of Security Supply were amazing. A loyal client, he surprised me by sponsoring my membership in the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce!

I am a true believer in “What goes around, comes around.” I believe that giving back to the community that has supported me is very important. I try to give back in any way possible, big and small. On a smaller scale, I have donated haircut certificates to local organizations such as “To Life”, Delmar Kiwanis, as well as certificates to be used as raffle prizes in several benefits. I also have purchased tickets supporting local organizations in return such as the Delmar Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast. On a larger scale, I sponsored a hole for my high school football team’s annual golf fund raiser. Working directly with the community is very important too. Sometimes individuals, due to illness, injuries, or disabilities, cannot make it to the shop so I regularly go to their homes for haircuts. Giving back to the community makes me feel good about myself and my business.

Lastly, as any barber shop owner can tell you, building client relationships is not only essential, but the whole reason we open a barber shop in the first place. A barber shop is not just for a fine cut. It’s a meeting place; a place to catch up with old friends and make new ones. I want people to enjoy coming in to get their hair cut, even if that involves bribery with lollipops and candy for the little guys! As in any friendship or business relationship, I try my best to remember family vacations, pet names, and things that my clients enjoy doing. It makes me happy to see people come in and leave happy.

I want to thank the Bethlehem Community for helping my business thrive its first year. I look forward to building new relationships with people of the Bethlehem community!

-Tiffany Westervelt, Owner

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